First the dryer stopped working plus then the AC

Keeping the adolescents new home from school that is not my plan of fun! When the school commanded the two of us had to keep our children at new home to keep them safe from the coronavirus, I started thinking about the several headaches I would have all afternoon listening to the adolescents argue plus fight with each other.

  • The first couple of afternoons weren’t terrible, however the adolescents grew bored easily suddenly with nothing to do plus no friends to play with.

I tried to keep the adolescents tied up with activities plus educational projects however it was hard to find a way to keep them tied up all of the time. It was especially hard when I had to complete household chores while trying to teach the adolescents from home. A few weeks ago I had all I could take in one afternoon. I had several loads of laundry to labor on plus the dryer stopped working while I was in the sixth load. I did not realize there was a problem with the dryer until I checked on the laundry plus all of the clothes were soaking wet. I tried several weird dryer settings, however nothing helped the problem. I called my hubby at labor plus he told myself and others not to worry about the laundry. I tried not to stress out, however it was hard when the sixth problem of the afternoon occurred. This time it was a much larger issue in the house. The air conditioning stopped blowing cold air plus the temperature inside of the new home started to get warmer plus warmer, then by the time my hubby got new home from work, it was 85 degrees in the house. The dryer issue turned out to be an easy fix, however the two of us had to call a professional service service to maintenance the problems with the AC.


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