Every one of us want to put an addition on however all of us don’t guess what to do about the Heating & A/C system

My wife & I absolutely want to put an addition on our house, however all of us aren’t absolutely sure what all of us want to do about the Heating & A/C system.

The Heating & A/C supplier that all of us were working with told us that all of us might have issues with heating & cooling the current addition because our existing Heating & A/C system wasn’t quite powerful enough to do the job.

This could also end up causing issues throughout the rest of the house, then for instance, if our a/c component was working overtime to try & cool off extra square footage throughout the addition, it would definitely end up causing a lack of cooling elsewhere in the house. The Heating & A/C supplier was upset that this would be the case & she commanded that all of us just go ahead & update our heating & cooling system to something larger that would labor well throughout the entire house, then our other option was to put in a separate Heating & A/C component to heat & cool the other side of the lake house with the additional space. If all of us did that, then all of us could have zone control heating & cooling. I adore the whole system of zone control heating & cooling, because if all of us decide to be in another section of the house, all of us don’t have to worry about what the temperature is on the other side. My vote was for zone control, however my wife said that she would rather go with an Heating & A/C update. I guess we’ll just wait & see which one costs less. That’s usually the deciding factor for the two of us.