Electric heaters aren’t exactly safe

The house that I currently live does not have central air or heating.

The region where I live does not get that cold in the winter, but there are some days where central heating would truly nice.

For example, this week where I live, the temperature was 68 degrees all afternoon. Tomorrow, the high will be 58 degrees while in the daytime. Tomorrow night, the hot in addition to cold temperatures are expected to drop even more, in addition to the people I was with and I will have to use our electric space heating systems to warm up the house. I look forward to the cold weather, but the electric heating systems can be a bit awful at times. It is difficult to run the heating systems in the rooms that the people I was with and I are not in. It is a safety precaution to have more than 1 furnace on at a time. The worst part is having to take a shower when the temperature lowers, no matter how long you run the electric furnace before getting in the shower, there is still a freezing blast in the air that makes showering in the Wintertide weeks truly difficult. The good point to having electric space heating systems is that the people I was with and I save a lot of cash on our bills because the people I was with and I only need to heat the rooms the people I was with and I are using. With space heaters, there is a greater risk of house damage due to fires.


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