During the full moon, kids were acting crazy

When I was a kid, I was scared of vampires plus werewolves.

I actually watched way too several horrifying movies when I was younger, but every time there is a full moon, I know about werewolves, vampires, plus monsters.

All of us had some monsters last time there was a full moon, however they were not the horrifying kind. The monsters were kids that decided to vandalize our store building. I have an appliance store that carries heat pumps plus A/C parts plus accessories. All of us also offer services on residential plus commercial heating plus air conditioners. The shop is located at the end of a street in the warehouse district. There easily isn’tanything behind that building except an empty lot, and during the full moon last month, a bunch of kids decided to vandalize the corporation address. The kids spray-painted graffiti all over the building plus they threw rocks into the windows. I had a significant amount of disfigure at the store. The more than two back windows alone are going to cost six hundred dollars to substitute. I was thankful that the culprits did not cut into the building to vandalize the warehouse. I have thoUSAnds of dollars of luxurious component in the building. They were more interested in wreaking havoc outside. I contacted the police plus made a report, despite the fact that I doubt they shall ever be able to catch the hooligans that caused the disfigure. The police officer told me this is not unproper on a full moon plus he commanded it was time for me to get a closed circuit cable plus video surveillance method for the property.


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