Ductwork is a waste in our house

Every time I go downstairs, I look around and I need to laugh. We have ductwork hanging all over the basement. I wonder if we should have someone come to the house and remove the ductwork. My husband keeps telling me that he will get the ductwork down, because he can get paid for the scrap and it will be recycled. He has been saying this for ten years now. You see, ten years ago, we got rid of the traditional furnace and we had a new boiler installed. My son is a plumber, and it was a simple thing for him to put in all of the water pipes. We have baseboard heating units where the heating is transferred across the floor, heating the floor before it has a chance to rise to the ceiling. We had to removed the old air vents and block them off. Then we had hardwood flooring put down, which covers the air vents. The only difficulty we have come across with our boiler, is the baseboard heaters. We have to be very careful about where we put our furniture. We can’t have the heaters blocked by anything that doesn’t have enough clearance for the heat to flow under. Keeping good airflow from the baseboard heaters, is an important thing if you want good heat. I have to admit that our new boiler was a big money saver. Our heating bills were cut nearly in half and the heating is more efficient. I don’t have near the amount and they told us a boiler will last us for up to forty years instead of fifteen.


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