Ductwork gets cleaned for the first time

Wow, I sure have been missing out when it comes to a great HVAC service.

For years, I’ve heard about ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing but just didn’t do anything about it.

In my mind, I thought that there was no need. We were in a house that we moved into when it was finished being built. The HVAC equipment was new as was the ductwork. However, time flies when you’re having fun and all the sudden I turned around and it’s been 12 years since we moved in to our home. The HVAC company we use offers an HVAC service plan. Part of this HVAC service plan is getting HVAC maintenance twice per year. We started this right after we moved in on the advice of the HVAC contractor. So I guess with the house being new and the consistent HVAC maintenance, I just sort of thought we didn’t been ductwork cleaning. How wrong was I? Well, I was way off the mark. Because, like everything else on this planet, gravity is working on the ductwork as well. That means the joints of the ductwork can form gaps and that’s where the dust and debris find entry. So when I got the discount email from the HVAC company on ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing, I took them up on it. And I have to say that this made an enormous difference in our inside air. Once the HVAC professionals were finished, I could tell the difference in the air immediately. Plus, the ductwork resealing will increase the efficiency of the HVAC equipment since the air ducts won’t be leaking HVAC treated air.


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