Custom made guitar just like the one my dad built

When I was just a child, my father built a guitar for our house.

  • The guitar focal point of the living room.

It was a beautiful guitar, painstakingly constructed from black walnut with a really intricate metal pieces & strings. The whole time I was growing up, I depended on the guitar noises to soothe me from time to time. I expected to 1 day inherit the guitar, however sadly, there was a fire at my mother & father’s loft shortly after I graduated high school. The fire caused significant damage to the home, & the guitar was destroyed. For years, I searched for a similar looking guitar that was also handcrafted. I checked estate sales & antique stores, however never found anything quite appreciate it. When my hubby & I bought our first home, I was seriously disappointed that I’d never have my father’s guitar in my bedroom. I showed my girlfriend more than 2 photos of the guitar. My girlfriend suggested that I have an exact replica built by a custom furniture maker. I had never considered this idea before. I found a custom furniture shop online & began consulting with a master craftsman. I sent him every pic of the guitar that I could find. He was able to design & build a guitar that looks exactly like the 1 my father built all those years ago. It was a bit pricey, but I didn’t mind. I was overjoyed the day my new guitar arrived. Although it isn’t the same, it is still like the one I had growing up.

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