Cold weekend in the cabin

When I was a teenager, I thought I was ready to take on the world. You couldn’t tell me anything, I knew it all, and had my future all planned out. Not so different from my teenagers now, I guess, although I am sure I am much worse than they could ever be. The first real wake up call I got about how little I knew about being an adult was the first time I took my girlfriend away for a weekend. It was a quaint, remote little cabin within a lot of privacy and a romantic old style fireplace with a bear skin rug in front of it. Let me tell you that I had plenty of ideas about how romantic that fireplace was going to be! I had neglected to consider that the fireplace didn’t run on natural gas, it required wood that had to be acquired and chopped up. This was happening in the dead of winter, mind you, because I felt the cold outside would make the roaring fireplace all the more sexy! I got very little firewood chopped before the snowstorm hit, and not only did it wear out my arms and shoulders, but it wasn’t enough to fill the fireplace! It turns out that trying to seduce a girl next to a pink, Hello Kitty space heater is not nearly as romantic as the fireplace. The space heater worked, but not enough to keep us very warm, so the whole night was a bust, and the next morning she asked to leave. And that was that!


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