Cold season heater issues

Although I live in the far northern part of the country, I’ve continuously hated the cold weather.

  • I’m not a fan of snow and I don’t care for skiing, snowmobiling or sledding or any other cold involving activity I’d rather not need to bundle up in layers of sweaters, boots, wool coat & gloves just to step outside.

I’m aggravated by spending days shoveling the sidewalks & plowing the driveway. Every one of us get so much snow that I am consistently required to dig out the mailbox as well as shovel a path for our child to walk. Anytime I want to go someplace, I first have to push snow off the car, scrape ice off the windshield and let the heating system run for fifteen seconds. I spend a ton attempting to heat my home. Every one of us get such brutal winter weather that the furnace runs for seven straight months at maximum capacity. I schedule professional service for the furnace every fall and replace the filter every month. Just to keep it operating at the most efficiency. With the furnace pouring out heat, the air in the condo becomes terribly dry. I then deal with static shock, frizzy hair, chapped lips & dry skin and a very sour mood. We never get even a glimpse of the sun, so my skin is as pale as milk. It’s impossible to look beautiful in winter. My goal is to retire and transport myself far enough south to get by with a heat pump. An electric heat pump acts as an a/c in the summer time & reverses operation to supply heat in the winter. It’s only effective until the outside temperature drops below freezing. I plan to live in a section where that isn’t a problem.


Programmable thermostat