Cleaning out the HVAC ducts means less irritants in the air and that’s a really good thing

A while back, I got a routine visit from a local HVAC professional.

I had immediately called an HVAC professional to maintenance a problem with my air conditioner unit.

It was not running as it should and there was little cold air coming from the vents. In addition to the air conditioner unit not functioning, me and my family were coughing and sneezing way more than normal! The HVAC professional informed me and my husband that the HVAC vents needed some extensive cleaning! Dirt and dust build-up had caused some mechanical failures that he was able to fix right then and there. The HVAC technician found that the main problem was the wearing down of those components by all of the dust build-up. The dust build up was choking up the system and restricting airflow. I happily paid for an extensive cleaning to maintenance the problem… We hoped that this would allow our heating and cooling system to run like new, with forceful, powerful, cold air coming from the vents. The HVAC professional also promised that all of our coughing, sneezing and congestion would significantly lessen with a cleaner HVAC unit. After all the cleaning and repairs were done, I have to say that he was correct! It was so much better to breathe clean, fresh air and have cooling air conditioner once more! Since then, me and my husband have stressed cleanings of our HVAC unit and HVAC ducts so that they will never get that dirty ever again! I would advise cleaning out the temperature control unit as frequently as is needed and keeping an eye on it.

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