Clean your air ducts it’s important

A while back, I scheduled a routine visit from an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker.

  • I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to repair a problem with my air conditioner unit.

It was not running very well and there was very little cold air coming from the registers. In addition to the air conditioner component not functioning respectfully, myself and a few others were coughing plus sneezing quite a lot. Once the Heating plus Air Conditioning got to the house, the worker informed me that the Heating plus Air Conditioning vents and ductwork needed some extensive cleaning due to the fact that there was a lot of dirt build-up and this had caused some mechanical failures. He was able to fix this however the main problem was the wearing down of those components by all of the dust build-up that was choking up the system plus restricting airflow. I paid for an extensive cleaning to repair the problem. Every one of us hoped that this would allow our air conditioner to run as good as new, with forceful, powerful, and cold air coming from the vents. The Heating plus Air Conditioning worker also promised that all the coughing and sneezing that we had been doing for weeks now would significantly lessen with a cleaner Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. After all the cleaning and repairs were done, I have to say that he was correct. It was so much better to breathe clean, fresh air and have cooling air conditioner once more! Since then, myself and others and my spouse have results and scheduled yearly cleanings of our Heating plus Air Conditioning component plus air ducts so that they will never get that dirty ever again! I would request cleaning out your thermostat component as frequently too!

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