There are not enough bedrooms in my house to accommodate my four children. My two boys have always needed to share a room. My oldest son, Jason, is fifteen and his little brother is ten, so this was not an ideal situation. Jason complained non stop, wanting privacy and a bedroom of his own. My husband and I talked about putting an addition on the house, but this was cost-prohibitive. Plus, we were reluctant to create a larger home, when our children will eventually head off to college and leave us with a bunch of empty rooms to heat, cool and clean. Our next idea was to convert the basement into living space. The basement is sizeable, with its own bathroom. Our concern was that despite the ductwork passing through the basement, this area is not linked to the heating or cooling system. The basement tends to be cool and damp, and we’d always dealt with mold and mildew growth. We worried about Jason’s comfort and health due to air quality and temperature control. I eventually asked for some help from a local HVAC contractor. He recommended a ductless mini split system, which required very little upheaval for installation. We simply needed a three-inch hole in the wall to link the indoor air handler with the outdoor compressor. The mini-split provides both heating and cooling capacity, and despite its compact size, easily handles the demands of the space. It operates quietly, efficiently and is adjusted from a wireless remote. The ductless system also helps to combat excess humidity. We’ve further added a portable dehumidifier to remove excess moisture. Jason is extremely happy with his new living arrangement.