Cat living in the AC unit

I like to walk outside and sit on the porch every morning. When the sun is coming up, the trees and the grass have a wonderful green hue. When the sun hits the leaves, they glisten in the light. When it’s really early, there are no noises outside except the sounds of the animals. The temperatures have been getting warmer, and the AC unit has been coming on sporadically. Yesterday morning, I was sitting outside on the porch with my coffee. When the AC unit came on, I heard a faint and strange whining sound. The sound was coming from the AC unit, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I couldn’t hear anything except the compressor, so I decided to go into the house and turn off the AC. I walked outside, but I didn’t hear anything else. This morning, I heard the same strange whining sound. I turned off the AC again, but I waited an hour. Eventually, I saw a cat climb out of the AC unit. There was a rusty spot in the back, and the cat must have found a way to get inside. I don’t know how many days the cat was stuck in the AC unit, but I’m glad that it finally got out. I grabbed some pieces of cloth and covered the hole. I even placed a big hunk of plywood over the space. I don’t think the cat will be able to get back inside the AC unit. Hopefully, I won’t hear that whining sound in the morning again.



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