Can you serve sushi in the heat?

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were playing basketball and decided to make it an afternoon.

We had heard about a new sushi restaurant and we decided to try it.

We wanted to catch up with each other since we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months. It was really hot that day and we thought it would be nice to sit in an air conditioned restaurant, have a couple beers and enjoy a good meal. When we got there to the restaurant, they showed us to a table that was on the opposite side of the room from the entrance. I noticed it was a bit warm when we walked in, but it was much cooler when we got to our table. I asked what was up with the air conditioner. The manager told me that the air conditioning wasn’t working on the other side of the restaurant. He also mentioned that they had already called the HVAC company. It surprised me that one side of the restaurant could be almost ninety and yet it was verging on being cold on our side. My friend commented that it seemed like the ductwork had an airflow problem. When the HVAC technician showed up, we could feel the heat inching into our space. He quickly found the problem with the HVAC system, and he had it rectified before my friend and I left. My friend was right about the air conditioning. They had a blockage in the ductwork that was stopping the airflow and not allowing the cool air to go throughout the restaurant..

Zone controlled HVAC