Burnt out fan with overuse; too much mildew in bathroom

Because the ventilation fan finally burned out

I’m not a particularly clean person, if I’m being upfront with you. When it comes to cleaning, I am most concerned when it’s related to the kitchen area. I absolutely hate dirty dishes, particles of food floating around in the sink, and filthy countertops. Other than that, not too much bothers me when it comes to indoor cleanliness. I think part of the reason is because I do not enjoy the process of deep cleaning my home. I’ll do just about anything to maintain an intermediate level of cleanliness, so I can avoid the trouble of cleaning with a toothbrush for hours. That’s why, I was extremely upset when my bathroom kept growing mildew throughout the summer time. When we moved into this house, I realized that there was a fair amount of humidity transferring in from the outdoors. Even with all of the windows closed, the indoor air was often a bit moist in my bathroom. When I would take a shower, the steam didn’t help matters. I had an overhead ventilation fan in my bathroom, but it didn’t seem to be a very effective ventilation measure. The overhead fan barely circulated any indoor air when it was operating, so I began over using it to try to compensate for the humid air quality. At one point, it felt like I was genuinely operating the ventilation fan 24/7. Still, mildew was cropping up all over my bathroom. Eventually, this came to an end… Because the ventilation fan finally burned out. Now, I’m waiting for a professional certified Heating and Cooling specialist to arrive at my house and let me know what my options are. I have a feeling he’ll recommend a dehumidifier rather than abusing my ventilation fan.


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