Boyfriend goes to HVAC shop to complain about tech for me

I guess there are times in my life when I could be considered a massive pushover.

I don’t think that I am particularly meek or shy, however I really do not like to cause a stink if I can help it.

It’s rarely lucrative for anybody to stir the pot or to make a big hassle over a small issue. Therefore, I tend to keep my mouth shut and suffer through subpar conditions even if it is not the right thing to do. This is why I was so grateful when my boyfriend decided to go down to the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership last week to voice his concerns about one of their HVAC technicians for me. You see, I had recently arranged a professional heating and cooling repair job for my broken forced air furnace. I knew that the air-handling device was going to need a professional HVAC repair for a while. I had fluctuating indoor air temperatures and my air quality was nothing to write home about. When the heating and cooling technician arrived to inspect my furnace, he immediately made me uncomfortable. The HVAC worker kept commenting on my appearance rather than my broken forced air furnace. I wanted to report the inappropriate behavior of the HVAC technician, but he did repair my heating system… So I kept my mouth shut. When I told my boyfriend, however, he decided that my furnace repair wasn’t the only important issue at hand. He marched right down to the HVAC dealership and reported the harassment. At least he was extremely fair. I know he also praised the furnace repair skills of the worker.



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