Air leaks in your house can be caused by regular wear and tear

If you have noticed an increase in your heating and cooling bills lately, the culprit might actually be something that you never even considered.

Did you know that air leaks in your ductwork can cause your heating and cooling bills to rise? That was something that I never even thought about until I noticed the dramatic increase in my air conditioning bill this summer.

I think that the A/C cost has increased at least 30 percent from what it was last year. I’m not using any more air conditioning than usual, either. Plus, the weather isn’t even as hot this year as is was last summer! The temperature has only been up in the 80s and last year we had record highs in the high nineties. I started doing a little bit of investigation to try and figure out exactly why the air conditioning bill was so high and I couldn’t find anything wrong with my HVAC unit or with my thermostat. So I ended up calling my local HVAC company to see if they had any ideas. The HVAC technician that I talked to on the phone mentioned that a lot of times, the ductwork in homes can be a major issue in causing your heating and cooling bills to become more expensive. He said that unless you have a professional HVAC technician out to evaluate your ductwork, heating vents, and air ducts, you might never even know if you have faulty ductwork. That’s because in most homes, all the ductwork is hidden in the walls, floors, and ceilings. HVAC professionals have special tools that they can use to detect cracks or holes in the air ducts, though. I decided to have them come to the house to take a look at mine, because I don’t want to pay these high A/C bills all summer!


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