Air conditioning made it hard to go outside as a kid

I will be the first to admit to anybody that I was not an athletic kid in the least bit. In fact, I actively fought against spending time outside. It was not because I was a wimpy kid or didn’t like to be active. Honestly, my biggest struggle was that I was lazy. Even while I was inside, I didn’t do anything productive like reading or studying. I just played video games all day. The air conditioning made it so convenient to be inside all of the time. When I was younger, I used to play outside and get all hot and sweaty. That was such a miserable feeling. However, I didn’t have a choice but to play outside because my parents made me. I used to long to be inside where they were enjoying the air conditioners and doing whatever they wanted. When I got old and they gave me a choice, I chose to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning for the rest of my childhood. If I ever went to do something with a friend, it was always in a thermostat-controlled environment. In my mind, I was living a luxurious life. I was always comfortable. Unfortunately, that has caused health problems for me now that I am older. The comfort that I was given, including the air conditioner, made me lazy, and I let my health go. I am having to take steps to correct it, and part of that means that I have to be physically active outside, without my air conditioner. It’s pretty terrible.

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