Air conditioner malfunction right before a dinner date

Sometimes you just have to adapt when life throws you a curveball.

Me and my wife invited some new neighbors over to have dinner with us last Saturday night.

We love entertaining guests, and my wife’s cooking is superb. We wanted these newcomers to feel welcome in our neighborhood. We had been getting ready for the dinner date ever since Saturday morning. Suddenly, the air conditioning gave out. We were shocked at first, because we thought we had already made sure the air conditioner was in order a few months back. We had no problems with the air conditioning up until this point so we thought it was just our luck! We called up an HVAC company and found out that they would not be able to come out until the next Monday. We were now stuck with two days of no air conditioning, but we still did not want to cancel the dinner date. Suddenly, we had an idea. It was the last week of June and I had already bought some meat for the Fourth of July barbecue. We decided to grill out on the deck instead! We called up our neighbors and we were honest about the air conditioning unit failure. We asked them if they were okay with us having a cookout instead of dining in. They were more than happy with the change of plans. We ended up having a great cookout and chatting it up with our new neighbors on into the evening. They even let us stay the weekend at their house to take advantage of their air conditioning!
HVAC tech