After working with adults in my personal training business, I expanded my business

I am a licensed and certified personal trainer and often task with athletes.

  • When I was asked to help out with adult education classes through the local high school, I was hesitant.

I like to train people who are fully dedicated to a fit and healthy way of life, however, a genuinely nice pal of mine runs the program and talked me into this thing. One of the first concerns was that the classes were held at the high school. While there is a weight room, the machinery is severely limited! Plus, the section was too small to accommodate the number of people who signed up for the classes. The response was quite huge. I had forty people signed up for these fitness classes. They varied in age from 22 to 72. Their levels of ability were also completely different. I normally task one-on-one with people. I appreciate being able to customize a system to suit their identifiable goals… Creating workouts that could be tailored to the diverse expectations and requirements of forty people was quite the challenge. Every one of us met in the high school gym, and I was impressed with the impressive work ethic and commitment of the group. As they started to see some success, they would become even more motivated. The improvement in strength, stamina and flexibility over the course of 6 weeks was impressive. Every one of us had such a lovely time that once the adult education sessions were finished, I offered the group the opportunity to continue through my gym! Nearly every single person there signed up. It has been a beneficial experience for both my students and myself. I’ve now expanded my company to include more than professional athletes.

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