AC upgrade leads to weight loss

I feel like there is a lot of chatter in the world right now about indoor air quality and management. Folks are suddenly very concerned about keeping their indoor air extremely clean and free of contaminants, for good reason. I think it’s a really good idea to install advanced air purification methods at this point, including air media purifiers and high-quality HEPA air filters. Everyone should be trying to improve their respiratory health and home comfort. However, nobody is really talking about the other benefits of having your heating and cooling system replaced. First of all, it goes without saying that when you have a brand new, clean heating and cooling system you will enjoy lower energy costs each month. When your forced air furnace and air conditioning units are in tip-top shape, they can readily maintain your exact indoor air quality preferences without requiring such an enormous energy expenditure. Further, when you have clean air vents and air ducts it will take less power to push indoor air through your extensive network of ductwork. The thing that I’ve never heard anyone mention, however, is the connection between a powerful air conditioning unit and desired weight loss. Since we’ve upgraded our central cooling system, the AC unit works so efficiently that my indoor air has been too cold at points. I can feel the high quality indoor air flowing from every air vent, and it fills my body with goosebumps. Rather than sitting around in the cold indoor air, I get up and take a walk in the warm summer sun to reset my body temperature. Since we’ve had the central cooling system professionally upgraded, I’ve lost over 10 lbs without visiting a single gym or nutrition consultant.


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