A very hot meal

Once a year, my Dad has the entire family over for a big meal.

He wakes up real early in the day in addition to starts to prepare for the long afternoon of cooking. He has around 40 people that show up each year. The weather is usually temperate while I was in this time of year in the region that the people I was with and I live. Last year, the high was around 74 degrees in addition to sunny. But, when you are using the oven all afternoon, the house tends to get hotter than it usually would. Last year my father was cooking supper, he noticed that the kitchen was extra warm, regardless of the fact that he had turned the A/C down low. Around 10 am is when my father knew that something was wrong. My dad walked back into the hallway towards the temperature control only to reveal the horrible truth. The temperature control, although set to 73, was showing 85 degrees. With the oven on all afternoon, there was no way my dad was going to be able to beat the warmth. It also was a holiday. Dad knew that none of the Heating in addition to A/C companies would be open for house calls. My dad had us grab the portable ac and fans to set in windows. This helped a little, however once the guests started to arrive, it only got warmer in the house! The windows were open in addition to the fans were on, however it was no help.



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