A Summer like chop during the winter.

Twice a week, my friends & I have a tradition of heading downtown to the Botanical Gardens.

My pal and I even bought memberships there so that my friend and I don’t have to pay admission each time my friend and I go.

My pal and I pack a breakfast & spend a few hours there enjoying the foliage & charming flowers that they grow inside the large domed building. They even have numerous doves that nest inside year-round & it is nice to hear them singing as well. I have to say my favorite part of going to the gardens is the fact that my friend and I can do this year round even when it is cold & icy outside. It is a nice chop from staring out at the frozen surroundings & when my friend and I are inside the botanical gardens dome my friend and I feel like my friend and I are in the tropics instead. They have a very powerful HVAC system & humidifier which maintains the right atmosphere for growing the charming plants they have there. When you step inside it is like you went on getaway & in some ways I think I would like to live there during the winter. It is like a tropical rainforest in there & it just makes a person feel better to be surrounded by the warmth & moisture, of course, during the Summer I don’t care about that atmosphere nearly as much because it is overheated & muggy outside as well. During that time my friend and I tend to spend our hours out in outside gardens good in the shade instead of indoors. No matter the time of year the botanical gardens is a good locale to hang out, read a book, or visit with friends. I highly recommend checking out these type of locales in your part if you ever need a chop from reality & want to feel like you are on getaway while you are still at home.



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